A new low for tech bro PR?

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Surprising and sad:

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Kristen V. Brown recounts the incident:

A few weeks ago, a startup founder showed up in the lobby of The Chronicle after hours. He told me I hadn’t responded to his e-mails. And he wanted to get my attention.

He delivered his pitch, along with a wicker basket filled with sexually suggestive gifts: the sex toy, a tube of K-Y Jelly, raw oysters and Tequila.

This is standard fare for lame pick-up artists: take a girl out for oysters in the Mission District, load up on margaritas at Latin American Club, and take her back to your creeper van. But lurking around and gifting this nightmare to woman at her place of work and then expecting to get glowing coverage in return? This is a new low even for tech bros.

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