A very open company

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at: lawrence@krubner.com

This is impressive. Parsely claims that it wants to do all development in the open. They are donating a lot of their technology to open source, and they are being open about their process. How open are there? How about this, the CTO and a lead engineer have a conversation in public about the quality of the work:

This doesn’t look quite ready for prime time. Though “storm submit” works, it fails to produce a working topology on my locally-installed (Docker-managed) Storm 0.9.1 cluster. I used the logviewer UI for the workers and was able to find that the problem is with how “lein uberjar” is working. I get this runtime exception in the logs:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Found multiple defaults.yaml resources. You’re probably bundling the Storm jars with your topology jar. [jar:file:/home/storm/storm-local/supervisor/stormdist/wordcount-1-1399890247/stormjar.jar!/defaults.yaml, jar:file:/usr/share/apache-storm-0.9.1-incubating/lib/storm-core-0.9.1-incubating.jar!/defaults.yaml]

This likely explains how you broke beta, too, though I haven’t confirmed it.

You don’t see that everyday.