Amazon does not give a damn what developers want to do with its offerings

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

The always wise Joseph Jaquinta offers this view of Amazon:

Thank you for your feedback. Your suggestions will be relayed to the development team, and as I am sure you can appreciate we are not able to comment on any speculative information.

This reply, and slight variants, comprise the bulk of the participation of Amazon on their development forums for the Alexa Skill Kit. It doesn’t matter how good your suggestion, or how egregious the bug is that you are reporting — it’s the same stonewalling each time.

There’s no public tracker for tickets. Features and suggestions go off into the void, and you’re left guessing if they are ever going to happen.

Releases come infrequently and unannounced. There’s no product roadmap. No indication of what’s coming up. Nothing to create a development plan against.

There’s no bidirectional collaboration with the community. The closest any developer gets to the team is during skill certification. And, even then, names are hidden and you only get anonymous mails from the “Alexa Skills Team”.