Being extorted by a non-profit

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

I think the word “negging” came from the world of pickup artists (PUAs) but now is just a general tactic for being awful to people:

So I just got a call from a guy claiming to be the director of Software in the Public Interest. Which I guess is a non-profit organization. But it felt like a really aggressive sales call. He started off with some very heavy negging and I was just trying to get him to explain what his proposition was.

It sounds like normally their business model is to find indies who could be taking in a lot of money, but currently aren’t. So they say, “Hey we’re a legal entity that can accept money on behalf of you”. They charge a percentage for this of course and that’s on top of regular payment processing fees.

…But I basically said, “Okay thanks, I’m not sure I’m interested but if you want to continue in email that would be great?” and his response was, “no what I’m going to do is go blog about how poor your product is”.

So hey nothing like being extorted by a non-profit amiright guys?