big companies are interesting

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

My friend Mark sent me this:

big companies are interesting.. both disney and nielsen never
told me i passed the background check required to be hired…
i asked both the day before the start date if everything was ok
for tomorrow, neither answered and i just showed up.. i worked
at this place for two weeks waiting for the
start date at nielsen to see if anything would happen…

dig this hw i did for a condenast interview.. (it “had to” be *zip,
in my defense)… the guy that wrote the test said my submission
was the only one to have any tests and to pass all their automated
tests.. i swear i did really well in the technical interview…

i thought this was a pretty tough question:

there are two robots facing the same way on an
infinite line, with no variables, using only:

not, if, while, true, false, ==, isOnOwnStart(),
isOnOtherStart(), move(signed int)

write a set of instructions to be executed by
both robots that guarantee they collide.

after i did it, they asked me to rewrite it in
four lines… without having a job and an offer
for 15% more i couldn’t have done it…

and i never heard from them again… i think
the answer they’re looking for is:
i won’t answer that, it’s a stupid question.

oh yea, when i interviewed at that company oracle
they have this system where the company will make
a prospective employee only one offer.. and when
they fly you there, you talk to 8 groups, so
they all act like they only have a 20% chance of
landing anyone they talk to.. so you can’t get a word
in talking to each one as they try to “sell” you on “their