Everyone hates Mass Effect 3

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But for so many different reasons. Apparently some people criticized for having homosexual themes, however quiet those themes might have been. Matthew Murray responds to those who criticized him for defending the game:

I must admit a bit of confusion about one thing. The relevant part of my post concerned my standing up for individual rights, and advocating making your own decisions, rather than thinking that I (or anyone else) knows what’s right for you and the people who are close to you. How does that make me “smug”? I assumed — or maybe “hoped” is the better word — that my showing respect for others’ abilities to make for themselves the choices that work best for them and their families would be seen as the fairest and least restrictive option. Certainly not smug, which was in neither my heart nor my words.

And, for the record, I would not say that Mass Effect 3 “teaches children about homosexuality.” (I haven’t played Star Wars: The Old Republic, so maybe it does, though I’d wager it’s more concerned with instructing in the proper care and feeding of lightsabers.) The gay relationships — like the straight ones — are fairly well buried; you actually have to be looking for them to find them. One male character makes a passing comment about having a husband, one female character remarks that she finds the computer’s female voice attractive. Those aren’t lessons, those are references, and oblique ones at best. Perhaps Mass Effect 3 acknowledges that homosexuality exists, but that’s where it stops — it doesn’t “teach” anyone anything about it any more than it teaches anyone anything about straight relationships. This is a game about fighting violent aliens, not interstellar sexual politics.

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