Frustrated with Adobe and Omniture

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

I am venting my discontent over on the forums and blogs at Adobe. I have wasted days trying to figure out the API, and many of the code samples seem to be out of date, or they focus on SOAP instead of REST. I am thinking, in particular, between the actively supported developer forums at PayPal, versus the empty developer forums at Adobe.

Anyway, I found a code sample, and wrote:

This would be exciting, but when I downloaded it, I see the timestamp on these files is September 30, 2009. So these examples are more than 3 years old. Can anyone vouch for these files? Are they still up to date? I would hate to waste a lot of time working with sample code that references a version of the API that is no longer supported.

And, on a general note, why is such a relative ghost town? I thought Adobe made big profits on Omniture? These code examples are the most complete code examples that I’ve managed to find on and yet they are from September 30, 2009, which is when Adobe bought Omniture. Did Adobe cut all funding for the Omniture developer community? That is certainly the impression that I am left with.

I notice on this page:

There are dozens and dozens of posts full of fantastic information about Omniture, and yet only 9 of those posts have been posted since 2009? That leaves me with the impression that Omniture was investing heavily in its own future and then Adobe took it over and cut the funding.

This is disappointing. For such a widely used product, I would expect Adobe to offer developers a higher level of support.