Gigster refuses to answer questions about its own contract

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Andy Chase writes to Gigster with a question about their contract:

Some questions I have about with this contract: (allowed for by section 11.5):

“including source code developed by Contractor … generally applicable to other Customer projects”

I’m more then willing to sign over code that applies to projects I do for gigster, but not stuff that might possibly apply in general to gigster projects, since that would be literally everything else.

Particularly since this clause survives forever according to 4.2 and confirmed no time limitation by section 13. Section 7 says I can’t sign this broad of a clause since it could apply to other contracts I have open and I have other contracts for other specific clients.

To clarify:

Signing over copyright for work I do for gigster: Cool
Signing over work for every other type of work I do (for example: open source work, upwork clients, toptal clients, employment, etc): Not cool

Hi Andy,

I apologize for the slow response on this.

Appreciate your caution – Gigster’s success is defined through us making sure our developers are taken care of. We have yet to have a disagreement (much less a legal battle) over the terms here. We have completed thousands of successful milestones and payments without issues with the terms and we unfortunately cannot adjust them on a case by case basis.

I hope that you will still consider working with Gigster.


Andy Chase responds:

To clarify, you’re not able to answer questions regarding the contract at this time?

Gigster responds:

Hi Andy,

Unfortunately, not at this time.


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