How can a corporation keep its employees from spying on celebrities?

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This must be a big problem for all corporations, but it sounds like it is worse at Apple:

Eva Longoria: “I’ve had a lot of problems of people breaking into my email”

Billy Bush: “Hacked?”

Eva Longoria: “Yeah my Mac email… not hacked, just go get it from the stores and I had a big problem with that.”

Kit Hoover followed up, asking: “Wait, what were they sending you? Like ‘Hi Eva, my name is John?’”

Eva Longoria: “Yeah. ‘I made a dress I want to send it to you, I work at the Apple Store here in San Antonio’ and I’m like… what? Did someone give out my email? Or my phone! ‘I saw your phone number from your profile, I just wanted to call and say hi I’m a fan.’ …There are a lot of privacy issues.”