Startups accelerate your learning cycle

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

Dominik Symonowicz makes a good point:

I believe, if you have got a chance to work in a startup company after graduate from university, during sandwich/gap year or as long as you are 2x years old. You should always try it. If you are lucky enough ,it your learning curve will be very high but quite likely you will work very hard and possible reward can be shape your carrier in future. However ,it is extremely difficult to find a startup company that has inspiring and cooperative management

This is the heaven and hell of startups: because the team is small and pace of change is fast, startups are a great way to learn things; but, for some reason, startups seem to attract more than their fair share of bad management. Possibly people think it will be easy and then they are surprised when it is not.

I’ve worked in big companies and I’ve worked at startups, and I learn more at startups, at least in part because I need to play more roles. At a big company one tends to have a narrowly defined role, and one tends to do roughly the same type of activities, day after day, year after year.