There is deep denial about the problems of diversity in the tech industry

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

This is a breath-taking example of the kind of denial that pervades the tech industry regarding issues such as racism and sexism:

Programmers are abstract thinkers

Right. All programmers are exactly the same. We are a homogenous group. None of us could possibly engage in racism, because we exist at a higher level.

The full comment:

Programmers are abstract thinkers, and it’s disgusting to see them lower themselves and adopt the semantics and memes of obvious cultural constructs like race. What does it even mean to be “white”? Who exactly are they talking about and what is it about this group of people that is so bad? There’s no need to bring in this gross oversimplification of culture and biology into professional talks. If they’re seeing some kind of pattern within their company that correlates with some ethnicity or culture, it’s just a coincidence! Start hiring less asshole managers! Who cares what color they are?

American culture is such a bummer when it comes to how it shoves people into categories. We need to start learning how to simply NOT THINK about race, and NOT MENTION IT. There is simply no excuse at all to mention it. People CANNOT be categorized based on skin color at all, AT ALL. People cannot be categorized based on culture either. Virtually everyone is multi-ethnic and multi-racial at some level. To identify even yourself as belonging to a distinct “color” is just a fabrication of American culture that is an unfortunate outcome of the history in this country.

The only way forward is to forget about categorizing people, and just speak to their qualities -> not “white managers are assholes”, instead “asshole managers are assholes”.