Thoughts about school

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:, or follow me on Twitter.


8. Psychology matters much, much more than people think, and varies wildly based on socioeconomic background. People that don’t know many people that are middle class literally don’t understand what’s possible, and are unable to take the corresponding risks as a result of that.
9. 99% of people, when left long blocks of time alone to work on something without anyone to be accountable to, will watch Netflix.

10. Nearly everyone recognizes that MOOCs are by and large a failure with ~2% completion rates, but they make us feel good because now it’s the students’ fault not they’re not learning, not the school’s

11. Tuition at any Ivy League school is pretty much a rounding error no one cares about. Endowments are all that matters.

12. Think for profit universities are bad? They’re worse than you think. Almost no matter how little you think of them they manage to be worse than that

13. There are dozens of careers that are a 100% employment guarantee. There are dozens of careers where <50% get jobs. Everyone knows what those are on a university faculty, but no one does anything about it because universities don’t see it as their role to get you a job 14. Universities and colleges that achieve accreditation (the kind that matters) are incredibly locked in as to what they teach, how long they teach it, and what requirements are 15. Code bootcamps know they don’t prepare programmers very well for the job market, but they can’t lengthen their programs because then they’d have to increase the prices they charge accordingly, and the market disappears at 2x bootcamp prices 16. There are many, many code bootcamps with <25% hiring rate that do millions of dollars per year in revenue by promising jobs

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