Unmoderated politcal forums

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I will soon launch a new political forum, aimed at quality conversations. So I’m interested in stories about political forums, to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. Above all, I’m seeing how bad things can get without moderation. I think to get quality debate it is important to have strong moderation from the start.

I read that a writer for Tucker Carlson had to resign because he had written racist and sexists posts at AutoAdmit. I’d never heard of this site, so I went to check it out. Apparently it’s one of those mostly unmoderated right-wing forums, full of shitposts. An example:

Senior XO moderator for life here to tell you you’re wrong and that you need to stop running your mouth in public about things you don’t understand.

Look, when you hit the bigtime – I’m talking true baller status – its all Gucci. Sunup to sundown and all night long. That means clothes, shoes, bread, butter, jelly, toothbrushes, toothpaste, AIDS tests, champagne coolers, caviar, anal dilators, 3000 threadcount Babylonian Cotton sheets, male sex dolls, and everything in between baby.

So what I’m saying is that you better believe Gucci sells bread. I’m eating it for breakfast right now, toasted with goat cheese that cost $100 for 1/8lb and Avocados I grew on the fire escape. I roll like this because my custom 22K rose gold Truvada dispenser (Gucci too of course) has a warning to “take with Food” and there’s a picture of a slice of bread next to it.

Anyway, I know you’ve never seen the part of the Gucci store with the platinum loaves. That’s because you need the ring to get in there and they dont give the ring out to just anybody.

I got mine around 10 years ago after spending over $3M at the main Chicago store in the North Michigan Shops. This isn’t the ring all of XO kisses daily, it’s a different one. It’s a key like the ones in that Stonecutters Simpson’s episode that get you free soda. The key to the Gucci kingdom.

If you come correct from now on and stay on my good side maybe I’ll post a pic of it one day.



There is some irony in the final comment here: