Straight pride event full of alt-right neo fascists

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Hugo later addressed the crowd and asked for Trump supporters to raise their hands, which most did. He declared the president’s re-election would be a “shoo-in”.

Hugo criticized the Boston mayor: “Mayor Marty Walsh said there would only be 20 people here today. Look around. Not only is he intolerant, but he can’t count.”

Despite denying being anti-LGBTQ, the organization allowed several people to the mic to complain about “LGBTQ curriculums in public schools” and children being gay. People clad in Maga hats and “How can I offend you?” shirts cheered.

Some featured speakers had ties to a far-right organization, the Proud Boys, which has incited violence. Hugo’s co-organizer, Mark Sahady, was the brains behind a free speech rally in 2017 that brought a tiny group of white nationalists to Boston. He is connected to an alt-right group, Resist Marxism.

It appeared there were about 200 marchers. Counter-protesters were cordoned off but one man screamed: “Boston hates you!”

At a counter-protest called “Fight supremacy, hands off our pride” earlier in the day, a co-organizer and Black Lives Matter activist, Monica Cannon-Grant, said “straight pride” did not exist.

“Today is about us,” she said, adding the city should not have given SHFA a permit.

One black activist who gave her name as Rachel said: “We know the organizers of the so-called straight pride parade do not limit their bigotry to heterosexuality.”

Melissa Thomas, 22, drew “Love is love” on the ground in blue and lime green chalk: “I’m out here to show all people are accepted. We don’t want fascists or Nazis in our city.”

…In one confrontation with counter-protesters, a police officer pepper-sprayed several as the group tried to obey requests to make more space. Access to “straight pride” organizers was limited; one Boston police sergeant turned some media away despite viewing press credentials.

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