400 metres from the end of the eight-mile annual fitness test

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I’m strongly pro-metrics and would be happy to see everyone adopt it, but if a magazine decides to use the old British system, that is their choice. But why oh why do the editors allow the two systems to be mixed in one sentence?

Hoole, of 1 Rifles, was carrying 25kg (55lb) of equipment when he collapsed 400 metres from the end of the eight-mile annual fitness test course on 19 July 2016.

On the main topic, why doesn’t the military have a way to bring these recruits up to the right fitness, at the right speed? It seems like some bizarre macho indulgence to take recruits who are out of shape and right away expect them to march as if they were in good shape:

In total, 18 out of 41 soldiers dropped out, collapsed or were withdrawn by the course directing staff, including Hoole.

If people are out of shape, and begin a new training regime, it typically takes them a few weeks to get in shape.

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