After 121 years of terrible journalism, the DailyMail is finding ways to be worse

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

When every article you publish is terrible, it takes something unique to stand out from the debris and make people say “That is much worse than usual“.

The meeting presented a new low for the newspaper, its perpetually disappointed proprietor and its lickspittle columnist: as if it weren’t bad enough that women held high office and didn’t have the grace to think the same about things, they were also each in possession of not one but two legs. Who knows where this will end? Walking. Dancing. The mind boggles.

Vine’s pollution of the culture – the triviality, the 50s prurience, the sheer nonsense – is relentless. The meeting at which it could possibly be relevant whether or not May had red nails, or Sturgeon had eyes like chocolate buttons, is impossible to imagine. The attempts at a visual analysis of what it all means – that May has her legs together while Sturgeon’s are crossed – it’s like watching a cow try to analyse a marshmallow, an insentient creature gazing endlessly at a meaningless object.