Ahmed Mohamed’s father has been an activist fighting for justice for muslims

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The father of the 14 year old who was arrested for bring a science project to school. As is often a case, when a 14 year old shows courage in the face of injustice, they have a parent who has also been a crusader on political issues.

Mohamed also defended the Quran when pastor Terry Jones tried to burn it

In 2012, Florida pastor Terry Jones said he was putting the Quran on trial. Jones had threatened to burn the Quran before, around the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, before eventually being talked out of it by Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

This time, he wanted to stage a trial at his Florida church, and he needed a defense attorney. Mohamed volunteered: “[The church] put an ad on their channel: ‘Whoever feels in himself he has the power to defend Quran is welcome,’” he told the Dallas Observer.

The trial ended with Jones declaring the Quran guilty of “crimes against humanity” and setting it on fire. Protests and riots in Afghanistan in response to the burning left seven people dead.

Mohamed, who leads a small congregation of Sufi Muslims, a mystical sect of Islam that is generally more liberal, told the Dallas Observer that he was grateful to have a chance to defend Islam, including his own interpretation of the Quran. He didn’t realize the church would actually burn the book, although Jones had threatened to do so before. (He also wanted an excuse to take his family to nearby Disney World, he told the Washington Post.)