An unusually stupid political metaphor

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Jesse Watters of Fox News cheated on his wife, via an affair with a 25 year old associate producer, which was eventually discovered by the wife. Last year they finalized the divorce.

Yesterday he went on Fox News and said we should love America the way we love our wife:

“If you love something, you don’t radically transform it,” he told Fox Friend Steve Doocy. “Like your wife. She doesn’t make you love ballet. She doesn’t make you grow your hair long and smoke dope. She likes you how you are. A straight-edge nice American boy. That’s what the Democrats are doing. They’re trying to open the borders, destroy capitalism, institute socialism, ban hamburgers. And that’s not very American, and we’re not gonna let them do it.”

I think it is correct to say that Republicans treat America the way Jesse Watters treated his wife.

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