Anna Rose Holmer is a genius

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I saw a screening of this movie at the Gawker offices. I loved this movie. And Royalty Hightower is an amazing talent.

ANNA ROSE HOLMER: We started to talk about the film as a coming of age film—and even now, I’m so hesitant to use that phrase because it comes with a lot of baggage, particularly for stories about girls and young women. I think often it’s placed like five years later when you’re talking about sexual awakening, the idea that the first time a girl is struggling with her identity or surrounding, that it’s purely sexual desire.

And that’s not true. There should be tons of movies about girls wandering around in the woods with sticks, you know, kind of figuring out who they are. There’s this gap, it’s like girls are little girls, where they’re mostly like objects in film. And then they’re, you know, teenagers with this kind of sexual desire, and there is not a lot in between.

It’s tough, and one of the things that we really wanted to just do was portray an 11-year-old girl as a complex human being who has doubts and fears and obsessions and uncertainties and desires and she’s strong and she’s driving the entire action of our film. It’s about Toni, and putting an audience in that journey with her.

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