Anti-Chinese sentiment in New York City in 2016

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This is a surprising story, in New York City of all places! And in the year 2016!

An editor at the NY Times used Twitter to recount an extremely disturbing incident that unfolded in Manhattan today. Or it just sums up what America has turned into, a depressing cauldron of resentment and ignorance. Michael Luo tweeted, “Well dressed woman on Upper East Side, annoyed by our stroller, yells: “Go back to China…go back to your f—ing country.” #thisis2016.”

Then he continued, “I ran after the woman and confronted her and said I was born in this country. But I felt silly. How to prove this country is mine too?” A colleague asked, “Any contrition or apology from her?” and Luo replied, “Uh no. She pulled out her iPhone 6 Plus and threatened to call the cops.”

Luo told us he and his family were headed to lunch with another family. They had stopped in front of a restaurant, debating whether to go in. “We were over to the side of the sidewalk but this woman was walking past and aggravated we were in her way,” he recalled. That’s when she first yelled, “Go back to China!”

He approached her, asking “Really? Go back to China?” and she threatened to call the police. “I walked back to the restaurant and she yelled after me, ‘Go back to your f—ing country.'” To that, Luo said, “I was born in this country,” before heading into the restaurant.

After the exchange, he shared, “Now my 7 year old, distressed by what happened, keeps asking, ‘Why did she say, “Go back to China?” We’re not from China.'”

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