Blanche Krubner resigns from the Jackson Township Environmental Commission

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You might recall some of the drama of my mom’s reappointment in 2009, which I’ve linked to before. When the Republicans gained power, they were anxious to push my mom out:

The issue surrounding Krubner came to the attention of the public several weeks ago when Reina did not reappoint the longtime Jackson resident and former teacher to the environmental commission or to the Planning Board.

The mayor said at the time, “Like all other towns, things have to change, and we saw a need for a change. Changes were made that were deemed appropriate at this time. These changes were all positive.”

But many in town felt that my mom’s look public service meant that she should not be treated as part of partisan political games:

This week, McKay said a person of Krubner’s character should never get caught up in politics.

“She is dedicated, prepared and will do all she can to see that this town is developed properly,” he said. “She is truly a local legend. Blanche is the teacher who never stops teaching, and we could all learn a lesson from that.”

Township Council President Mike Kafton said residents have communicated to him their displeasure at the mayor’s decision not to reappoint Krubner.

“I would like to thank George McKay for responding to that outcry by offering to step aside from the Planning Board, provided Mayor Reina would reappoint Blanche Krubner in his stead,” Kafton said.

Kafton said Krubner has always been, and remains, one of Jackson’s staunchest friends of the environment. He said it was a sad day for residents when the mayor decided not to reappoint her to the environmental commission or to the Planning Board.

He said Krubner could always be counted on to ask the tough questions and to not get steamrolled by developers who appeared before the board.

“My hope right now is that if another opening should arise on the board that Mr. McKay be asked to fill it, since he has done an excellent job on this board,” said Kafton. “It takes a lot of courage to do what George McKay just did and I applaud his efforts.”

So my mom was reappointed.

But now she has decided to turn in her resignation. Yesterday she went to City Hall and turned in this resignation letter:

May, 31st, 2019

Dear Mayor Reina,

I hereby submit my resignation, effective immediately.

After 46 years of active duty I find myself reluctant to resign from the Jackson Township Environmental Commission. From the early days, when, as chairperson, I commissioned Jackson’s first environmental inventory, to more recent years when applicants chose to deny the reality of climate change rather than change their thinking and planning even when these had clearly become out of sync with reality, I enjoyed striving to protect and preserve the assets that made Jackson a desirable place to live.

Providing large enough buffers alongside waterways in our watersheds so that stream banks would not erode, flooding was controlled, residential density was kept within the bounds of sustainability I felt that I was doing right by my community.

It has been a pleasure to cooperate with those like-minded kindred spirits who have volunteered to serve on the Commission.

I was first appointed in 1973. Since that time, I have done my utmost to ensure certain goals were met, and Jackson stayed livable and filled with trees:

1.) Worked to protect C-1 waters (this is the water that is safe to drink) from contamination.

2.) Made sure that drinking water wells and septic fields were at least 100 feet apart on every property where they were located.

3.) Insisted that major developments of more than 3 houses provided more than one way to exit the neighborhood.

This year my health makes it advisable to pass the torch to others.

I leave with best wishes that the Commission will continue to protect Jackson.


Blanche Krubner

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