Boring and failed attempts to produce a story about something strange and new

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Later in 2012, Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall told Empire Online that an (unnamed) HBO executive producer would lean over him and egg him on to include more full-frontal nudity, and that he “represents the perv side of the audience.” In 2014, True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto told BuzzFeed that there’s a “clear mandate in pay-cable for a certain level of nudity.”

As it turns out, SNL wasn’t all that far off.

Even setting aside HBO’s proclivity for more nudity at all costs, though, there’s another thing about this Westworld orgy that bugs: It was boring.

Like I said before, the orgy in “Contrapasso” isn’t all that sexy. It’s a clump of grinding bodies in which naked women cater to men, women kiss each other while men look on, drooling, and men surely never touch each other. It’s a straight male fantasy through and through.

As Emily Nussbaum wrote over at the New Yorker when Westworld premiered, this is kind of disappointing from a show that says it’s about the endless possibilities of a world without consequences:

It’s baffling why certain demographics would ever pay to visit Westworld. Would straight women be titillated or depressed by cyborg hookers? Why would a lesbian guest — coded, obnoxiously, as less than hot — behave with a prostitute exactly as a straight man would? Where are all the gay male bachelor parties?

Five episodes in, there are still no gay bachelor parties in sight on Westworld — and they sure as hell aren’t in Alonso’s group sex Batcave, where the most basic fantasies rule and no one having sex gets much to say beyond wordless moans.