Chasing stats to the detriment of your team

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Soccer is less vulnerable to this, since there are less stats in soccer:

Draymond Green and the Warriors lost by -3 in Philadelphia to those guys who are always hogging the court down at your local Y. The Warriors clinched the narrow loss with a Harrison Barnes three, from a great pass out of the middle from Green. However, they really shouldn’t have let it get that close. Golden State blew a 24-point lead, turned the ball over 23 times, and only got to the line twice. It was ugly.

After the game, Green admitted that he was chasing stats and trying to get another assist to ensure a triple-double. I’m sure most every player chases stats (sometimes they do so blatantly) but I’ve never heard anyone admit to going after numbers if it wasn’t for some obvious record or streak (or they’re JaVale McGee).

The Warriors get a ton of credit for their passing and eagerness to move the ball around, so it’s probably surprising that their second best player admitted to openly to trying to Get His, even if it was assists. On its face and in the moment, chasing stats to the detriment of your team’s chances of winning is bad (Green had seven turnovers). But the NBA season is long and unpredictable and the Warriors have a target on their backs, so airing this kind of thing out and being critical of their flaws is the best thing they can do at this point in the year.