Clover Hope reacts to the election

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She writes:

Last night, the hidden factions of white supremacy fully emerged, though we know they were never really hidden. You could call Donald Trump’s win a shock, but that’s also another lie. The blinding red map last night that looks so much like blood, and feels so much like a relapse, is simply the reality of existence. Did you need to see it?

Overwhelmingly, white people voted to preserve whiteness. Fifty-eight percent of white Americans, according to CNN’s exit polls, voted to make Trump the leader of the country. President Trump. Many of them, motivated by fear and ignorance, walked into a voting booth and put physical effort toward electing a racist, sexist tyrant who’s been proven to hate everyone but himself. Sixty-three percent of white men voted Trump. The toughest pill is that fifty-three percent of white women followed them. Institutionally-educated and middle class white people voted to retain their power. The truth is that this is how it’s always been. The fear is that we continue to live with the knowledge that all along, it was you.

This is not about how much America hates women or how sexist America is, because it’s clear that white women helped facilitate Trump’s win. The majority of them, who cared more about maintaining their privilege than their freedom to choose, used minorities as sacrificial property in the process. White men and women did this, among the many people and things to blame. The way Van Jones described the election outcome on CNN—as a “white-lash against a changing country”—feels true in a way nothing else does.

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