Conflict between mother and daughter

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Such a sad story. This young woman died later that night of suicide.

According to a recording of that nearly five-minute call, a copy of which was obtained by KyCIR, an angry McMillen alternately screams at Gynnya and talks to the 911 operator, while the girl periodically cries out in the background.

“You dumb-ass whore, you gonna spend the rest of your goddamn 2½ years in a goddamn insane asylum with the rest of the retarded kids,” McMillen is heard yelling at Gynnya.

“Get to know them bitches that you live with every day, get to know ‘em, get to know ‘em. ‘Cause you’re gonna love ‘em now… I’m done with you.”

McMillen tells the operator, “She thought she was gonna whoop me.”

“No, I didn’t,” Gynnya wails in response.

“Yes, you did,” McMillen counters.

McMillen also tells the 911 operator that a male “friend” in the apartment held Gynnya down after the girl pulled her mother’s hair and punched her in the mouth, but that McMillen eventually told him to let her go. Then Gynnya left the apartment.