Drama inside a fandom

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at: lawrence@krubner.com, or follow me on Twitter.


Then the girl with the Destiel shirt was being villainized all over the place. I felt bad for this poor girl (little did I know I’d soon take her place). She has something she likes. It got noticed. Lots of people feel the same way. [Just to be clear, I neither ‘ship’ Destiel or Wincest nor am I homophobic – it seems you are one of those three in this fandom]. She got called all kinds of things and people were screaming at each other about this and that. Calling people names. Trying to impose every little detail to make a point.

Then someone I really respect in the fandom got involved and took a side. I got really upset, both sad and angry. It made me so sad that something as simple as a t-shirt that made someone happy could create so much hate. Now, I don’t know what Jensen really thinks, or Misha, or anyone, but I really doubted that anyone is crying all the way home from the stage of a con because of a t-shirt (except maybe the person that was wearing it because of the fan reaction). They’re probably not even giving it a second thought. I’m of the opinion that they don’t care about this trivial stuff that fans make huge deals out of all the time (hence not giving a solitary fuck). The actors are paid very well to put on a show for fans. People pay lots of money for it (myself included) and they enjoy this show. With all of the things in my mind that I’ve already said, and out of anger and sadness, I felt the need to say something, just a simple tweet. I didn’t want to even specify a fandom (because there are other fandoms like this too). I didn’t want to call out a section of the fandom to be accused of taking sides, because I feel like any group can seem to find ammunition if the right personalities start yelling. So I tweeted what I did. So now, thinking about what you just read, go read ‘the tweet’ again.

I’ll wait.

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