Fashion freedom in Britain

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

I agree, famous women in Britain seem to me to be under less pressure to minimize fashion risks, and therefore can dress in more interesting ways:

I am constantly hammering this point because it’s true: British fashion right now is, on the whole, so much more creative and interesting than American fashion. That’s certainly true on the runway, but it’s also true on the red carpet, even moreso with musicians, because on the whole British women aren’t as bananas about having STYLISTS as famous Americans are. And tonight at the Brit Awards—the UK’s equivalent to the Grammys—attendees proved me right. (Yet again!) You definitely want to look at these outfits!

The most breathtaking looks: Marina and the Diamonds’ Marina Diamantis hit the carpet in a classic, old-Hollywood glam—something we saw a lot at the Oscars, but because Marina is both a great dresser and more adventurous than 90 percent of Hollywood, she flipped it with sheer panels, almost-black lipstick and a to-die-for acid-green stole. This is how you modernize a classic look. Paloma Faith is wearing a gown from the Spring 2015 Dolce & Gabbana collection—the designers’ inspirations were Spanish romanticism and flamenco, but the way Faith wears it with that little bouffant, it matches her ’60s-inspired soul music and comes off like a prom queen’s delight.