Government says: Don’t Be Afraid to Racially Profile Your Friends, Neighbors and Coworkers

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Peterson opened his remarks with an anecdote about the San Bernardino shooters, who you’ll recall were a married couple. He noted that a neighbor failed to call the cops on the pair before the shooting, despite seeing them in their garage doing something murky. She feared being thought of as “racist,” Peterson said.

Peterson described this as an example of “political correctness run amok.” He encouraged us not to let a distaste for treating people differently based on their race or ethnicity prevent us from alerting the police to behavior like spending time in a garage with your spouse.

…Peterson spoke extensively about the 2008 Mumbai attacks, which were carried out by an Islamic militant organization based in Pakistan. That was an act of terror, and differed substantially from workplace shootings, his area of expertise.

Since 1982, at least 64 percent of mass shootings have been committed by lone white men. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women in the workplace are most likely to be killed by someone they know; men are most likely to be killed during the course of a robbery, and make up the bulk of victims of workplace homicides:

About 4 out of every 5 workplace homicide victims in 2010 were men. The type of assailants in these cases differed, depending on whether the victim was a man or a woman. Robbers and other assailants accounted for 72 percent of homicides to men, for example, and only 37 percent of homicides to women. A substantial difference exists when relatives and other personal acquaintances are the assailants: only 3 percent of homicides to men, but 39 percent to women. Assailants with no known personal relationship to their victims accounted for about two-thirds of workplace homicides.
Kevin did not tell us what stopping political correctness in its tracks might do about mass shootings perpetrated in the workplace or homicides committed during the course of robberies.

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