Great creative partnerships are rare, and it is such a shock that people throw them away

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Of the many tragic aspects of predators such as Weinstein, one is the waste of a great creative partnership. For now, this seems like a minor part of this story, a tiny thing compared to the actual violence and harm of these stories, and yet I wonder if, many decades from now, we might look back and wonder about what might have been, if the film industry had not been full of predators. What if these women had been in real creative partnerships? What kind of art would we have?

Thurman’s Weinstein allegations match those of many of the women that the producer allegedly groomed over the years, beginning with cordiality and flattery, and ending with him attempting to force himself on her in a Paris hotel room, shortly before Kill Bill began to film. Along with Tarantino, Thurman and Weinstein had once been seen as part of a unbeatable team, collaborating on a number of highly celebrated projects; afterwards, “She privately regarded Weinstein as an enemy,” something that the producer’s sheepish apologies, prompted after she told Tarantino about the incident, did nothing to allay. (Weinstein responded to inquiries from the Times by claiming that he’d misinterpreted Thurman’s earlier behavior as flirtation, and providing the now-customary raft of photos of her allowing him to be near her in public, as though that proves anything.)

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