How to get perfect eyebrows

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I’m doing research for a bit of fiction I’m writing. The main character has uneven eyebrows. So I’m reading this advice:

Gel isn’t just for people with already-thick brows. Martin suggests starting with it as a baseline: “You want to see how big your brows can get naturally,” he explains. This will give you a better idea of how much you need to fake it till you make it. Brush in the direction your hair grows. Usually, that means you’ll be brushing upward near the inner corner, and then horizontal or diagonally as you move out toward the ends. Here, Martin is uses Diorshow Brow Gel.

Real brow hairs look individual, so you don’t want to shade in your brows in a single block like you’re filling in a shape in a coloring book. Instead, the trick is draw short flicks, which means you should pick a brow pencil with a fine tip. Martin likes Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color.

Draw individual strokes to mimic real eyebrow hair. You’ll want to draw them in the direction that the hairs grow, going from root to tip. They should be about the same length as an actual hair, too.

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