I stopped counting, she said, because it was too upsetting

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at: lawrence@krubner.com

This is a very dark and tragic story:

With her co-op board’s approval, Linda set up another security camera in the hallway of the third floor, and pointed it at Alex and Jonas’s apartment. She would watch the footage periodically, and over the next two months, Linda began sending Detective Nugent still photos of what she had seen.
“They would come in with women who were happy and relaxed, and the women would come out—woman after woman—would looked stunned and upset with the same tense body language,” Linda told me.
“I don’t know if they were raped, but if there is a body language to rape, what I saw would have been it.
“One lady went in with two friends and came out covering her face, crying. When they got down to the lobby and the elevator door opened, I could see she was balled up on the elevator floor. It was heartbreaking. I just wanted to scream.”
In court testimony, Detective Nugent described seeing “several” women from Linda’s tapes who appeared “distraught and upset.” Linda couldn’t say how many women she saw leave that way.
“I stopped counting,” she admitted, her eyes welling with tears. “It was too upsetting.”
None of those women have yet been identified.