Is this appropriate for a psychologist?

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Very worrisome that this would come from a psychologist who works with families:

Dathan Paterno, a school board member in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, called the marchers “vagina screechers,” as the Chicago Tribune reports, part of a string of good tweets about women:

The tweet read: “Most of these vagina screechers didn’t vote, but they mean business. Riiiiiiiight. What a farce.” The remark followed a few other provocative posts last week about the march, including one that referred to it as a “Procession of Palpable Penis Envy” and another that said: “Alas, the 300 million pound Women March provides a strong argument for doing away with women’s suffrage.”

Paterno is also the founder and director of Park Ridge Psychological Services, and is a licensed psychologist working with children and families. (He does not believe in “psychotropic medications,” according to his bio, which is an interesting side note but probably not the main reason you might choose a different therapist.) He’s since deleted his Twitter, just a few dozen terrible tweets too late.