Joy Reid and why we need multiple Web archives

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Most of those dates are pretty early in web archiving times, when the Internet Archive was the only archive commonly available, and many (all?) of the mementos in other web archives were surely originally crawled by the Internet Archive, even if on a contract basis (e.g., for the Library of Congress). Nonetheless, with multiple copies geographically and administratively dispersed throughout the globe, an adversary would have had to hack multiple web archives and alter their contents (cf., or have hacked the original site ( approximately 12 years ago for adulterated pages to have been hosted at all the different web archives. While both scenarios are technically possible, they are extraordinarily unlikely.

While we don’t know the totality of the hacking claims, we can offer three archived web pages, hosted at the Library of Congress web archive (, that corroborate at least some of the claims @Jamie_Maz.

30/x Joy seemed very interested in Brokeback Mountain, but wouldn’t watch it bc it featured two men hooking up.

She can’t understand who is going to see it since she imagines everyone would be turned off by it.
— Not a bot (@Jamie_Maz) April 18, 2018

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