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Inc magazine is critical of my 5 favorite words. I used to subscribe to Inc, the paper version, 15 years ago, but the magazine no longer impresses me. The article I’m linking to is especially bad. Anyone who espouses pop-psych New Age mumbo jumbo is an enemy of mine, and I really hate the way no evidence is given for this assertion:

Hate is a sick word, and it creates sickness in your body. Every time you use that word, you might as well be sticking a cancer cell in your body. Seriously.

I’m not saying that you’ve got to be sweetness and lovey-dovey about everything, but why pollute your brain by actually hating anything or anybody?

How about this as a counter-argument: hate is a powerful motivator and is great for unleashing the adrenaline you might need to achieve great things. And repressing your hate means repressing one of your most primal emotions, and surely repressing your emotions leads to cancer? Or maybe people who get cancer are just people with bad luck?

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