Malaysia a wants Nobel Prize winner by 2057

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Small countries that dream of Nobel Prizes:

The Nobel Prize in Literature remains the great seal-of-cultural approval — see, for example, Julia Lovell’s The Politics of Cultural Capital (sub-titled: China’s Quest for a Nobel Prize in Literature) — and many nations still measure their literature by how (they feel) its chances for a Nobel rate. This week’s example at least doesn’t set the Nobel as a short-term goal: Malaysia wants Nobel Prize winner by 2057 Tasnim Lokman reports in the New Straits Times.

Yes: “Local publishers needs to set a target of winning the Nobel Prize by 2057″ says Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi — and he has:
challenged authors and fiction writers alike to produce and publish award-winning materials to be recognised internationally.

He urged Malaysian writers to set a goal of clinching the Nobel Prize by 2057