Modern dating problems

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

A list of dating problems that nobody had 25 years ago. Some of these were stupid but I liked these 3:

1. Accidentally swiping left on “the one”.
Your mom has probably never experienced that moment of intense regret after an unintentional slip of the finger on a photo of a guy who may or may not be Zac Efron’s secret clone. (She’s probably never accidentally matched with a total creep either, and eternally wondered whether he saw her before she unmatched…)

5. Going on a date where there’s no free Wi-Fi.
Technically, your parents did experience this one …but only because none of the coffee shops they went to had Wi-Fi, free or otherwise. (How did they live without the capability to duck into the bathroom and text a friend about how the date was progressing?)

7. Making it Facebook official.
How soon is too soon to let friends you haven’t seen in a decade know that you’re dating someone? Can you post a cutesy picture together before you change your relationship status? Your mom had more consequential things to ponder, like whether or not your dad would get lost on his way to pick her up pre-Google maps.