Nicholas Sparks helps oversee a homophobic school

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Given the kind of emotionally manipulative and retrograde fiction that he writes, this isn’t a huge surprise:

And now for a bit of news as predictable as his novels: Per an extensive report from The Daily Beast, prolific heteronormative romance bro Nicholas Sparks- who also co-founded and runs the Epiphany School of Global Studies in North Carolina – is currently embroiled in a legal battle for an alleged pattern of discriminatory behavior that took place in his school. If you feel like the real news here is that Nicholas Sparks runs a school, well…that’s fair. Though he is primarily known for his page-to-screen hits The Notebook and A Walk To Remember (and Safe Haven, because most of them weren’t home runs), he helped to establish a private school in 2006 “anchored in the Judeo-Christian commandment to Love God and Your Neighbor as Yourself,” per Epiphany’s mission statement. In 2014, the school’s former headmaster and CEO Saul Benjamin filed a lawsuit against members of the Board of Trustees, including Sparks who, in in Benjamin’s words, “unapologetically marginalized, bullied, and harassed members of the School community.”

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