Niki Tisza writes about burnout

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:


I read a lot and I found lots of interesting articles. Reading more and more it became clear to me I was experiencing a job burnout. I got nearly all the symptoms, even I wasn’t even 30 at that time. These were my warning signs:

Frustration or decreased level of patience
Lack of motivation
Feeling of being overwhelmed, trapped, helplessness
Losing sleep
Getting sick from all the sudden
Going to your previously beloved workplace because you have to, not because you want to
After spending a few weeks away from work catching up with movies, I started feeling better. Once I got my thoughts back, I decided to quit. By that time I didn’t like my job at all, I couldn’t imagine going back not even for a day. If I knew it was a burnout at that time, and if I got help in time, I might have been still at the bank working as a branch manager :)

I’ve been blessed to be able to join the IT/design industry so easily – thanks for my above mentioned boyfriend. I love being a product designer, I love every aspect of it but despite my love of design there were already number of times when I felt I was just a production line to meet deadlines so I started feeling unhappy again. It’s a creative job, so having these feelings might be more common in designers than in other professionals. When I feel I have excessive workload, too little recognition, not being clear about my role in the team for a long time, combining with my personal characteristics such as perfectionism and excessive conscientiousness…well, it doesn’t mean any good. When I get these thoughts and feelings I know that I need to change something, usually it means I take a break with a complete switch off from work and colleagues, because as I said I love being a designer and I still would like to be one.

My advise for you is don’t wait until something goes wrong or until your health begins to suffer to pay attention. Take it seriously and have a break if you can afford it, if not then make adjustments in your life in order to avoid burnout.