No longer the best and the brightest

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It’s often said that Gordon Liddy was a symptom. He was not the illness himself. He was a minor character. But the fact that he was tolerated at all teaches us something about the kinds of people who were attracted to President Nixon.


Louise Linton, Baroness of the United States Treasury and Hermés scarf owner, was recently profiled by Los Angeles Magazine. You might ask: Why is the Treasury secretary’s wife being profiled by a magazine for retired sit-com stars? Thankfully I have answers! It’s a profile tied to her upcoming movie, which is “a campy horror flick about a bisexual hedge-fund CEO who kills men for fun and sport. She is the film’s writer, director, and star.” (Didn’t you know she was also an actress?) What’s strange is that, for someone obsessed with her public image, she sent her publicist away halfway through the interview. It shows!

The interviewer, Maer Roshan, takes great care in setting the stage for the Baroness’ big comeback after what you might call a two-year rough patch. She enters the scene “swaddled in a white terry cloth robe and perched on a director’s chair in the marble floored powder room of her massive Bel Air mansion.” (Remember the director’s chair, it’s symbolic of something I haven’t yet defined.) We’re reminded of her brief stint as a Lifetime original movie actress as an extra in the Kate Middleton biopic and her “failure” to “make a dent” until the scandal that defined much of the early press surrounding Trump’s cabinet, which entailed a “heavily hashtagged Instagram image of herself laden with luxury label callouts (#tomfordsunnies, #hermesscarf, #valentinorockstudheels) and disembarking a government jet.”

She later apologized, but the fallout was immense on her National Alliance Of White Supremacy Barbies leaderboard ranking. As Maer Roshan explains, she “insists the stereotype” of privilege we’ve applied to her is “far from accurate.”

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