Nobody ever gets everything they want

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

I like this:

Yeah, or like… Now that I’m through the other end of the grief, I’m really happy with my life, and I’m really grateful for a lot of things that came out of that—like the humbling that losing most everything that mattered in a deep way, except for my friendships and my writing and my family. I think I have much less of the delusion of control now than I used to, and I’m grateful for that. I would trade whatever growth has come out of this for having my son be four, which is what he would be [gestures to how tall he would have been]. But I don’t get to pick.

So given that I don’t get to pick, I’m happy with the life that’s come my way. And I think my point was just, when you were saying, “oh I didn’t know this could happen,” yeah, I was pretty surprised by that whole turn of events. However, when I look at my life now, it kind of makes sense. You know, if you spend your twenties and thirties seeking adventure and wanting to write, you can’t be that shocked when you’re 42 and you’re like, I don’t have a traditional nuclear family, I don’t have kids, I’m splitting my time between New York and South Africa and doing stories. Well, you built that life. I mean, you tried to veer off into something else but that didn’t happen.