Planning the wedding a long time before the wedding

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OK here’s the thing. Knowing what you want to wear…. sure. Fine. Its a time you get to wear a pretty dress. But until you’re kind of close to the actual deal, I absolutely can’t stand it when women taaaaalk and talk about a wedding that isn’t even remotely on the map. I’m in a in a 6 year relationship that’s headed towards marriage; I love TV shows like Say Yes to the Dress – I still don’t want to talk about other people’s imagined weddings. And my friends these days…. its all they can talk about. What ring they want. How they want their hair. NONE OF THEM HAVE BOYFRIENDS. It drives me insane. I guess because we are in grad school and our life kind of sucks, they are latching on to a potentially happy moment in their future? But damn if it isnt annoying AF.