Please finish this paragraph

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This is from an article about “The 15 Coolest Neighborhoods In The World”. What strikes me is how international the definition of “cool” currently is. How many neighborhoods could we write this paragraph for?

_____ is a hothouse of alternative culture and creativity. A young population have flocked to the area in recent years, leading to an upsurge in cool and quirky shopping, eating, drinking and partying venues. This neighborhood is renowned for its vintage shopping scene. A must-visit is ________, filled with trendy second-hand clothing, along with unique home ware and vintage furniture pieces. It’s not all about the shopping, though. ________ also boasts some of __________’s best food, art and nightlife. Organic cafes, specialty coffee shops, candy stores and urban delis abound. The area is especially big on restaurants serving fresh, locally-sourced food, making it a great place to sample the very latest in new _______ cuisine.