Police caught on tape talking about a woman

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I agree with this:

Olivarius-McAllister didn’t, at first, hear the latter portion of the message, figuring it was just dead air. She forwarded it to her city editor, though, who did listen to the whole thing.

“He turned around the office and said, ‘These people are very opinionated about your body,’” Olivarius-McAllister said in an interview. “I thought he was joking. I listened to it and felt just utterly appalled.”

The Durango Herald was instrumental in helping current La Plata Sheriff Sean Smith get elected, running a lengthy investigation on how his predecessor Duke Schirard had been accused of domestic violence against two of his wives. Smith, a deputy in the department under Schirard ran on a platform of reforming the department ethically.

Olivarius-McAllister called the conversation “sickening,” pointing out that all three officers were on duty at the time.

“I felt incredulous that people who are in uniform, on the job, and trusted with protecting the public could express so much contempt for women,” she said. “The misogyny is horrifyingly casual. How can such attitudes not affect their police work?

Also this:

So, here’s the thing. Aside from the fact that this conversation is wildly inappropriate for the workplace, these are people supposedly responsible for following evidence to its logical conclusion, for complex analytical situations, in addition to tactical street/traffic/ whatever stuff. The guy says, “my wife hated that bitch,” and literally the only thing the other guy can say is “she hot?” In the world that’s not misogynistic, the follow-up question would be: “why does your wife hate her?” These people can literally NOT follow a logical train of thought because they’re so obsessed with the female form and demeaning it. If this happened to someone whose job it was to request data from the police, how does this attitude affect their ability to solve crime, gather evidence, understand testimony etc. Fucking human logical fail, dude-bros.