President Trump is having a negative effect on children

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BuzzFeed has an extensively reported piece on more than 50 incidents across the country of children and teens from kindergarten through 12th grade hurling racist invective at their classmates of color—an occurrence not unique to the Trump era but increased because of it—as reported by school districts to ProPublica’s Documenting Hate project. In each of those incidents, Trump’s name was invoked, whether in the context of how his presidency will change the circumstance of the student of color—“You’re going to be deported” to a Filipino 8th grader in San Antonio, for instance—or simply on the basis of his name in and of itself, which has apparently become a single-syllable shorthand for xenophobia and white supremacy even for young people:

This is in the comments:

Middle school teacher here: I have had five major racist incidents (That we know of) this year, which is five more than my previous nine years of teaching combined.

What really makes me frustrated is that some teachers are afraid to call something a politician said “racist” because they feel like they are taking sides. I get it (I’m careful not to call the politician racist but the statement under discussion), but…guys, this is why we do this- to raise good kids that know racist shit when they see it.

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