Pretty in kindergarten

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at:

Life is complicated:

And yet, here we are in the actual world as it is, are we not? Just this morning I was getting my five-year-old daughter dressed for kindergarten. She wanted to wear a new dress we hadn’t really tried on at the store; I’d just held up to her quickly to size it up and move along. Putting it on, I realized it was kind of big. It looked nothing like the cute little Jackie-O style number I’d imagined it being at purchase time, and more like a boxy, rumpled tablecloth. For a minute I tried to encourage her to wear something else until I realized what I was doing.

I’m no scholar, but why was I willing to take up crucial morning time we didn’t have getting a five-year-old to change her clothes so she looked—what? Marginally prettier? The fuck is wrong with me? Who gives a shit? It’s kindergarten. (Answer: Yeah, probably, prettier, and a lot of people give a shit. The fuck is wrong with us?)