Punishments for Labour MPs who keep supporting the Remain cause

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It seems likely that Labour, being inclusive, will emerge as the party of Remain. But for now, they can not be too obvious about it.

The amendment attracted the support of 101 MPs across different parties, including 49 Labour politicians who defied the leadership. It called for the government not to leave the EU without a deal, to guarantee a parliamentary vote on the final outcome of negotiations, to set in place transitional arrangements, and to “set out proposals to remain within the customs union and single market”.

Other demands included more respect for the devolved administrations and clear protections for EU nationals already living in the UK.

Corbyn ordered his MPs to abstain on the wording because, although Labour policy chimes with most of the sentiment, the party does not support the bid to keep full membership of the single market.

“The Conservatives survived by the skin of their teeth today, supported by the DUP, but this is a government in chaos,” said Corbyn, claiming May’s party were “all over the place” on Brexit, and were saying one thing while doing another on public sector pay.

“This government is out of control, with no mandate for continued cuts to our schools, hospitals, police and other vital public services or for a race-to-the-bottom Brexit. Labour will oppose these policies every step of the way,” the Labour leader added. “Labour offers a clear alternative, laid out in our manifesto, which would put wealth, power and opportunity back in the hands of the many, not the few.”

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