Queer is the new gay

(written by lawrence krubner, however indented passages are often quotes). You can contact lawrence at: lawrence@krubner.com, or follow me on Twitter.

LGBTQ language has been changing, in interesting ways. Much of the debate, and the problems arising, come from the difficulties of including transexuals into conversations about gay and lesbian issues. Especially problematic are when people born as men declare themselves to be women and want to have sex with women, declaring themselves to be male lesbians — this seems to raise a serious challenge to LGBQT alliances. The issues seem to get the most discussion on Tumblr.

So for instance:

I swear, they are trying to strip us of all the language we have.

Queer is the new gay. Homosexual is the new slur. Anyone can be gay. Lesbians are femme-aligned people attracted to femme-aligned people. Women can be men and men can be women. A femme is anyone who wears lipstick, but femmes are the new women. Butches are trans men and trans men can’t be lesbians, so butches aren’t lesbians. Women are transphobic for calling themselves female, but somehow men have always been female. Nothing means anything and everything means nothing.

There can’t be any gay people if we don’t have the words to describe our lives and experiences. A world without gay people is exactly what they want.

This Chick Digs Chicks:

Honestly it’s so depressing as a lesbian.

First you spend years struggling with accepting your sexuality. And then when you finally come out and feel proud, the whole Queer and trans movement comes along and pushes the idea that being a lesbian equals being a vagina fetishist while it’s just our fucking sexuality?

They’ll push us to “investigate” why we don’t want dick and where it comes from. Like we didn’t spend our whole lives questioning that.

I have no time for “lesbians can date a trans woman and still be a lesbian” “I identify as a lesbian” “oh look at me, I’m so queer” “I think it’s kinda problematic that you wouldn’t date trans woman, it’s just a girl dick”

Yeah fuck off. all of you.

I’m a lesbian and proud, and I’m going to keep fighting, so the new generation of lesbians doesn’t get this bullshit.

Also this:

“Anon asks: Genuine question, no hate but why do you hate trans people so much? What have they done to hurt you?

ok anon genuine answer I dont hate trans people and never have said I did. knowing sex based oppression is real and being against gender roles isn’t hatred, I can assure you ive never made any comments against genuine trans rights.

BUT the modern trans activism movement however is hurting me, telling me im a violent bigot for not believing in literal gender roles and banning me from associating my body with being a woman is hurting me and all women, they’ve made female into a dirty word, censor women for speaking about sex based oppression and female anatomy and are actively erasing womens rights and safe spaces, they invented the cotton ceiling and stan people like riley who’s an open lesbophobe and most transactivists bully and gaslight anyone who questions them, and are the ones that get violent . the mainstream trans ideology is nothing but the same sexism women have been fighting against for years and calling that out is not hate

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