Remembering where politics was in early 2018

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I’ll write this down, just so I can remember it later. Below I post an example of incoherent writing. It is possible the person who wrote is struggling with some mental health issues. But those are interesting in themselves. I’ve read that before 1960, people suffering from schizophrenia, in the USA, mostly commonly said they were being persecuted by Satan, but during the 1960s and 1970s, they most commonly claimed they were being persecuted by the CIA. Even those with schizophrenia absorb the surrounding culture, which becomes part of how their illness expresses itself. So it can be worthwhile to document expressions of paranoia, because even those utterances reveal something important about the current moment. And for sure, nowadays, when I read political writing that seems to be driven by paranoia, they writer will often claim they are being persecuted by a group they refer to as social justice warriors. Like Satan and the CIA, this new group seems to trigger some deep fears in those suffering from paranoia.

On Hacker News there was a link to an article about the growing inequality of society in the USA. I wrote:

This is in keeping with a long term trend in which the standard of living for the median American has been allowed to stagnate for a long time. The male median wage has been stagnant or declining since 1973. This was previously discussed on Hacker News:

Also, consider that, when it comes to death-by-childbirth, the USA is among the very worst developed countries:

Someone made an odd comment in response. Their response was quickly downvoted and became “dead” but I have my settings on Hacker News set to read “dead” comments, so I did see this:

The fact of the matter that we can’t even discuss, let alone even mention the realities of these matters on account of the PC authoritarian goons going after you and silencing you and banning your accounts, is quite telling.

It’s quite unfortunate that regardless of when, all of this current liberal, PC, postmodern insanity will result in horrific results, because nothing can deviate so much without causing repercussions, regardless of what they may be.

Just take your last point; we simply can’t even discuss, let alone bring up the fact that the “death-by-childbirth” rates that you lament as being so high, are localize to specific ethnic and racial groups; but because the PC nazis will go after you if you if you don’t, we are forced to imagine and repeat that the USA suffers from these third world problems not because there are exponentially more third world people in the USA than in ANY developed country…. while we are compelled to chant “diversity is our strength” at the end of the barrel of a gun.

There is actually a huge degree of likelihood that you would not have seen this comment at all any more than you see any of the other comments and users that are digitally silenced and executed and whisked away to digital mass graves on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. So maybe this comment is just for some future researcher or digital archeologist that is able to reconstruct this message from digital pieces in their effort to understand how the current form of authoritarians were able to hoodwink and bamboozle the feeble minded fools into self-destruction and self-harm and pushed humanity to the brink.

A few things to note. The writer of this comment is afflicted with a sense of persecution. They seem agitated. Their response seems out of all proportion to what I wrote. There is no humor in their writing, which I take as a signal regarding their self-awareness. A joke about their grammar mistakes would have made it easier to read them with charity. They give the sense that they are fragile — that it is easy to trigger an exaggerated response from them.

This is worth recording I think, as it gives a bit of color to the political noise of the day.

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