Scathing review of the NYT review of romance

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But then there’s the editorial content, written by Robert Gottlieb, former publisher at S&S and Knopf, and former editor of The New Yorker.

And honestly, it’s better for everyone if you don’t read that editorial content.

Take your glasses off, maybe. Let it be blurry, and look at the images and the names in bold.

There are so many things wrong with Mr. Gottlieb’s write up, I might run out of room on the whole entire internet accounting for them all. And if you’ve been on Twitter, you may have seen many far wiser and funnier people than I already expressing outrage at so much of the awful.

And in that editorial, there is so much awful.

Allow me to share some wonderfully funny, erudite, and excellent links to threads and individual Tweets that capture some of it (and thank you to all of these writers for their permission to quote them here):

Olivia Waite: “If you told me someone had written that NYT romance piece as a satire of how the NYT would review romance, I’d believe you.”

…..No question: Mr. Gottlieb’s editorial content was a sexist, misogynist, racist, and condescending assembly of words and letters. It doesn’t represent a round up of anything but antiquated stereotypes with a side order of reductive suppression. It was outstanding exposure for romance…framed entirely by mansplaining.

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