Social media is the highlight reel of other people’s lives

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Social media and the internet has made it incredibly easy to see the various people out there who are in the top of their league at any particular hobby, vocation or activity, and made it seem like that’s the ‘norm’.
If you’re an entrepreneur, it can feel like everyone’s making millions off their startup ideas and that anyone who isn’t is a failure. If you’re a web developer, it can seem like the majority of developers are experts in every one of the latest trendy languages and frameworks and that you suck for not being like that. If you’re making a game, you might end up judging your worth in comparison to say, the makers of Minecraft or Pokemon GO.
But keep in mind that these are outliers by default. The top percentage of people in a field are overrepresented online and even then, they mostly only post about the things going well in their lives.
Most people are average, and for any one thing you’re interested in, there will almost always be many millions of others who are either better or worse than you at it.
And hey, you don’t have to be ‘great’ or even ‘good’ at something to be successful in it. Many people who were ‘average’ in a field ended up doing really well in it regardless. Maybe they had a good team, maybe they put in a stupid amount of time, maybe they simply had the right idea at the right point in time. You can just as easily be an expert or prodigy toiling away in obscurity as you can a celebrity with few skills to speak of.
In other words, don’t worry too much about it.

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